Project marketing​

Reshef Holdings maximizes its rich experience with dozens of residential and commercial projects, supported by its consultancy department, to achieve its project marketing expertise.  We assist entrepreneurs from the earliest project stages of land purchase and feasibility tests, to offering creative marketing options which maximize the project’s profit margins.

Reshef Holding’s advantage derives from its integration of knowledge and vast experience together with outstanding familiarity with current marketing strategies and their strengths and weaknesses, as well as day to day coping with the inflow of real time information.

The company’s proven successful marketing methods are the foundation of our commercial department, and responsible for countless satisfied clients and their recommendations.



Maale modiin

Location: Naale

Residential Units: 250

Medoragey Gedera

Location: Gedera

Sq.m: 84

Shafir Al Hapark

Location: Rehovot

Residential Units: 129

Park Aviv

Location: Ramla

Residential Units: 900

Meier On Rothschild

Entrepreneur: Berggruen

Location: Rothschild 34, Tel-Aviv


Sun City

Location: Shachamon, Eilat

Residential Unit: 64


 Medoragey Shafir

 Location: Kayzer, Modiin

 Residential Units: 110 


 Florentin's Star

 Location: Abarbanel 41, Tel-Aviv

 Residential Units: 52


  Hayarkon Project

Location: Hayarkon 4, Tel-Aviv  

  Residential Units: 14


  Alenby Project

  Location: Alenby 72, Tel-Aviv

  Residential Units: 23


  Brosh Hagiva

  Location: Hagiva Hatzarfatit, Jerusalem

  Residential Units: 300


  Engel In Tsaala

  Location: Tsaala, Tel-Aviv

  Residential Units: 90


  Kfar Hayam

  Location: Binyamin Beach, Hadera

  Residential Units: 520


Mazal Eliezer

Location: Mazal Eliezer 4, Rishon Letzion

Sq.m: 4,500


Orek Building

Entrepreneur: Orek Group

Location: Aba Hilel 16, Ramat-Gan

Sq.m: 15,000

Premium Center

Location: Hamashbir 1, Holon 

Sq.m: 2,000

Hilton 'Malkat Shva', commercial area

Location: Antiv, Eilat

Sq.m: 4,500


Moshe Aviv Building

Entrepreneur: Aviv Group

Location: Jabutinski 7, Ramat-Gan

Sq.m: 17,000

  City Tower

  Location: Zisman 14, Ramat- Gan

  Residential Units: 217+ Commercial Zone


  'Eropa-Israel' Building

   Location: Shaul Hamelech, 37, Tel-Aviv

   Sq. m: 10,000

  Big Beyt Shemesh

  Location: West Beyt-Shemesh

  Sq. m: 12,000


  Migdaley Hod-Hasharon

  Location: Nave Neeman, Hod- Hasharon

  Sq. m: 20,000


  Beyt Lev-Ran

  Location: Granit 7, Petah- Tikva

  Sq.m: 6,400


   Beyt Kislev

   Location: Hamelacha 9, Lod

   Sq.m: 2,000


  Ashdar 2000

  Location: Ygal Alon, Tel-Aviv

  Sq. m: 22,500



  Location: Haodem 9, Petach-Tikwa

  Sq.m: 2,200

  Beyt Effa

  Location: Hamelacha 15, Rosh-Haain

  Sq.m: 8,000


  North TLV

  Location: Moshe Sne, Tel-Aviv

  Sq.m: 1,400


  Aba Hilel 

  Location: Aba Hilel 23, Ramat- Gan

  Sq.m- 4,000


For projects we marketed​ successfully:

Sela' Building'

Entrepreneur: 'Dan' Nadlan

Location: Baroch Hirsh, Bney-Brak

Sq.m: 3,000

'Etz-Hashaked' Building

Entrepreneur: Etz-Hashaked

Location: Sheshet Hayamim 6, Ramt-Gan

Sq.m: 5,000

Xura' Building'

 Entrepreneur: 'Ribua' Nadlan and 'Harel' Group

Location: Hashizaf 4, Ra'anana

Sq.m: 27,000


Entrepreneur: GLM

Location: Katsanelson 85-89, Givataim

Residential Units: 51