About the company

Reshef Holdings, established in 1984, specializes in consultation, agency, entrepreneurship and marketing of residential and business projects with a national spread.  The company’s uniqueness is its proficiency in both areas of real estate activity, accrued from having handled hundreds of transactions and a diversity of projects throughout Israel.  Reshef’s vast experience and expertise are mobilized to provide our clients with creative and encompassing solutions in all real estate matters.  Our broad in-depth business acumen is a major advantage in understanding our clients’ needs.

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Reshef | Address- 'Ligev Building'- Ben Gurion 24 Ramat Gan | Phone- 03-7558800/03-7558822 | Fax- 03-7558811 | Email- Reshef@reshef.co.il​


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רשף נכסים 

כתובת - 'בית ליגב' - בן גוריון 24 רמת-גן 

טלפון - 03-7558800 / 03-7558822 

פקס- 037558811

דוא"ל - reshef@reshef.co.il

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